Simonis Plastic Receives the Best Innover Award 2012

Simonis Plastic Receives the Best Innover Award 2012

In June 2013, during the maiden flight ceremony of the Airbus A350, Simonis received the Best Innover Award for year 2012. This award was discerned by Safran Technofan, one of Simonis customers in the aeronautical industry, for the development, industrialisation and manufacturing of A350’s Brake Cooling Fan impeller. Simonis had already produced different parts for the Airbus A350 HVAC components but it was the first time that the company was rewarded for such development which is also the largest plastic impeller ever done for the customer.

The particularity of this part is to have always been made out of metal. So, it was a real innovative project trying to produce a plastic part with the same functionalities of metal ones. It asked long hours of research and development and Simonis’ experts had to completely redesign the part in order to adapt it to the plastic’s specificities. Finally, it resulted in a cheaper part, completely made in carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic able to resist to the aggressive environment it will be confronted.

This award represents the innovative mind of Simonis Plastic and its wish to support and follow its customers during all steps of their project development. 

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