Because in Simonis Plastic we provide up-to-date injection molding machines that go from 6 to >2000 tons of clamping force, we are able to offer our customers a tailored and reliable solution to their injection molding production needs.

Production Control

Precision and repeatability are insured in Simonis PlasticĀ thanks to our State-of-the-Art molding processes and engineering methodology. Every mold/machine setup is performed by our team of engineers, and every facility offers automation resources such as Parts Manipulation Robots, Dryers & Automatic Loaders, Conveyor Belts, and even In-line Video Control.

2K Injection Molding

Stringent processes such as 2K injection molding can be implemented within Simonis PlasticĀ plants either in China or in Belgium.

Engle Injection Machine
Engle Injection Machine 2
2K injection LandRover
2k Injection LandRover 2

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