Simonis Plastic Receives a Best Innover Award for the Second Time

In 2014, Simonis received, for the second time, a Best Innover Award discerned by Safran Technofan. This time, it was dedicated to very small, but highly complex Impellers. These parts are intended to be located within the aircraft engine cell and were, previously, made in metal due to high heat. So, it was the first time that a part in this specific area was made in plastic. It also took a lot of effort to design the right part and to adapt it to plastic’s requirements within a quite short lead time.  The complexity of the blade shape requested for airflow performance required to build a 33 slides tool in order to be able to correctly unmold the part.


Best Innover Award 2014

A second particularity is that two different impellers were needed within the final device; the first and the second stage impeller so, at first sight, it seemed Simonis will need to build two different molds. However, Simonis’ engineers succeeded in building only one mold to produce the two variants, reducing therefore drastically the Non Recurrent Cost. It is only after being molded that the parts are machined to finally have their own characteristics.

This shows again that Simonis does not only produce plastic parts but is also present during the development of new and innovative projects.

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